Wildlife Warrior,

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animal antics parties school visits corporate

animal antics parties school visits corporate

In 2006 I met a real life Wildlife Warrior........

Matwappa Snake Park is run by Jackson Iha, an experienced Herpetologist. Born in the Geede region of Kenya near Malindi his love for reptiles flourished as a boy. He started working for a German herpetologist who was curator of reptiles at Nairobi Natural History Museum, who upon his retirement put Jackson forward as a curator of reptiles and so he became the first black Curator at the Museum.  
Jackson later moved to Matwappa and set up his own Snake Park at the rear of his home. His aim was to aid in the conservation of the many indigenous species by educating local people not to kill snakes and lizard but to try and live along side them in harmony.


  • Guided tours around the Snake Park for any tourists who wish to visit.                       
  • Receiving phone calls from individuals and institutions who have found snakes on their property.   
  • Visiting local Hotels, giving Educational talks and a chance to get close to these revered animals.


    I have been to Kenya on several occasions now and each time have stayed with him and his helpers as we have been on our travels deep into the African bush in search of Snakes, Lizards and Creepy Crawlies to catch, photograph and release them unharmed. Each visit I have been stirred at the dedication shown by Jackson towards his cause, his knowledge of the reptiles of Africa is second to none. The animals taken in by the park are relocated in less densely populated areas of Kenya and the highly venomous species are taken to the national parks to be released.